To raise team morale 、To extend mutual aid

To drive spiritual growth 、To reveal hidden talents




A voyage of abundance has embarked
once more let's soar again !

丰盛之旅~卷土重来、再一次展翅高飞 !

营会目的与意义 Goal And Purpose

1. 建立团体信任感 To establish the community trust


To help our members to trust, to learn self-opening, to listening and to accept each other through the camp. Building a foundation for life in the community.


2. 分享彼此之经验 To share the experiences


Help the campers experience life in various ways. Through sharing the experiences of life, we can learn the strengths and abilities of each church, and take the opportunity to know more about others.


3. 引领人接受福音 To lead people to accept Christ


The ultimate goal of the camp is to instill the correct life values through the theme of the camp and the Lutheran Church. And  to bring the lost soul to the Lord Jesus Christ.


4. 合作精神与责任 To build the spirit of cooperation and responsibility


The camp emphasized the cooperative spirit of the believers and
the value of personal responsibility in the group.


5. 互相尊重的行为 Respect each other


Through meaningful games, activities and competitions, Members are to respect each other and value the significance of giving and receiving and to help out each other.


营会主要节目NLC Programs  


A memorable trip for LCM Members

• 振奋人心的主题信息 Theme Sermon :扩张国度 To Extend the Kingdom
Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide,
do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. (以赛亚书 Isaiah 54:2)


• 才艺争锋之战与见证晚会 Lutheran Got Talent Night

 体验恩赐共处,齐尊重与欣赏,一起攀越巅峰。

To collaborate and to appreciate each other’s talents


• 历奇事工游戏 Various Ministry programs:
各事工团契 Ministry fellowship

 一起走过所经历的人生大道,经历被改变之后,去影响及改变世界。

Be changed by the Lord and hence brings changes to the world


• 亲情流露的感恩崇拜 Thanksgiving Service

 传达信义会2017-2021计划“TOPSPOT”的目标导向,
再一次展翅上腾。To spread the Vision of “TOPSPOT”


策略  Strategy

1. 寻找福音对象 Looking for none believer

 各堂会积极鼓励信徒参加及寻找福音对象,至少认领50-100参加者,

 Each Congregation is to encourage her Members, at least 50-100 of them,
to participate and to invite none believer. Members are t pray for
the Gospel Objects and to share with them their personal faith testimony.


2. 宣教和布道 Mission and Evangelism

 营会将透过不同事工的工作坊,传递基督的价值观。同时在营会中,

 To deliver Christian values through various Workshops. There are also evangelical messages and programs to lead the non-believers to Christ.


3. 栽培 Equipping

 将提前把营会的计划书传递给各堂会,让教会更加了解此营会目的与意义,

 Proposal will be sent to each Congregation in advance, to enable Congregations to understand better the meaning of this NLC. Members are hoped to be equipped and edified through the preparation.



报名须知 Registration

1. 大会主要以中英文作为媒介 Bilingual.


2. 报名费 Fee:

• 夫妻或两人房间 Couple Room:Early Bird RM 350pax/ (after 27/4@380pax)

包括 Include:住宿 Accommodation、膳食 Food、名卡 Name Card)

• 三人房间 Triple Room:RM 300pax/ (after 27/4@330pax)

(包括 Include:住宿 Accommodation、膳食 Food、名卡 Name Card)

• 四人以上房间 Quad Room:RM 300pax/ ( after 27/4@330pax)

(包括 Include:住宿 Accommodation、膳食 Food、名卡 Name Card)

• 4-12岁自备睡袋,只需付膳食费 Food Only:RM 170pax/ ( after 27/4@200pax)

(包括 Include:住宿 Accommodation、膳食 Food、名卡 Name Card)


3. 截止日期 Closing Date:26/6/2020


联络号码 Contact No:+6016-3667042


报名表格 / Registration Form :




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