Lent's season donation campaign


The SCC committee would like to thank all congregations for their past supports, prayers and contributions toward the "Pray, Fast & Give" Lent's season donation campaign. Last year, we collected RM41,373.00 and we have distributed to the various homes and centres of the LCM's social concern ministries such as the Rumah Love and Care Kajang, Menglembu, Tronoh, Kaizen Children Home, Lutheran Mobile Clinic and Rumah ROS.


We praise and thank God that this Lent's season donation campaign have been our LCM's yearly affair. The coming lent season which begin on the 22/02/2023 and ends 06/04/2023. We encourage you to pray for this campaign so that it will be a great success. We will be sending to you and your congregations the donation envelopes by next week. We hope you will assign a person to be in charge to distribute and coordinate so as to encourage every member to participate.


We are looking forward for your continue partnership and support in the LCM SCC ministries of our Church. Thanking you in advance!


Thank you.


Yours in His Service.

Herman Hiew Chairman,






社会关怀委员会愿感谢所有的会在过去对预苦期“祷告、禁食及给予”的支持,去年 我们共取得 RM41,373.00,分别发给了加影爱心之家、万里望爱心之家、端洛爱心之 家、凯胜儿童之家、信义会医药中心及Rumah ROS。


感谢上帝预苦期的捐献已成为马来西亚信义会每年的活动;今年的预苦期将于2023年 2月22日开始并于2023年4月6日结束,鼓励大家为此活动能取得好的响应来祷告, 我们将把奉献信封於下星期送到堂会中,希望您能委派一位负责人分发信封并鼓励每 位会友参与。











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