Joint FELCMS Mission Consultation


The 3rd Joint FELCMS Mission Consultation was held at Luther Centre, PJ, on the 9 & 10 November, 2016.The Consultation brought together, for the first time, a full representation, and the heads of churches, from the Lutheran Church in Malaysia, the Lutheran Church in Singapore, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malaysia, the Protestant Church of Sabah, and the Basel Christian Church of Malaysia.


The Consultation was held with the Mission representatives from the Lutheran Church in Australia, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The Consultation is an annual event to bring together the mission representatives and the FELCMS churches to share mission goals, challenges and successes, as well as to explore ways of partnering in the ministry.


On the first day, the delegates were taken around PJ, KL, Kajang and Semenyih to see some of the ministries of the LCM and the ELCM. They visited Rumah Hope, a home for neglected, abused and abandoned children run by the ELCM; the kindergarten run by the Taman Midah Lutheran Church, Rumah Love & Care Kajang, an old folks’ home run by the LCM, and finally the Kaizen Children’s Home in Semenyih. They also visited the Lutheran Church in Semenyih and were treated to a dinner there.


The next day, the work began in earnest with presentations from the LCM EXCO members on some of the ministries of the LCM. The following day, the other FELCMS churches presented highlights of their work as well.


The Mission partners participated actively, asking questions and clarifying points raised  by the presenters. But the true value of the event lay in the fellowship, interaction and the sharing between the various FELCMS churches and the mission partners. It was good to learn of each other’s ministries, challenges, and blessings as they carried out their ministry in the vineyard of the Lord. After the close of the Consultation, Bishop Aaron Yap then took the Mission Partners on a tour of the Orang Asli work in the north, where they participated in a baptismal service.



The Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Malaysia and Singapore is a fellowship of Lutheran churches comprising of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia, the Lutheran Church in Singapore, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malaysia and the Sabah based Basel Christian Church of Malaysia and the Protestant Church in Sabah.


FELCMS Mission Consultation

A Joint Mission Consultation was held between the FELCMS churches and mission partners from the ELCA, ELCB and the LCA recently.