Collection of Second Offering on Sundays in Aid of Victims of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake.


Grace and peace to you as we enter into the season of Lent next week. Lent is a time for self- reflections, repentance and renewal. It is also a time of fasting and giving as an expression of gratitude towards God and compassion for the poor.


We are all aware of the tragic earthquake in Turkey-Syria on early morning of February 6th. The fatalities reported today has gone pass 28,000 and expected to get worse. There is a lot of need for resources as various rescue groups are still working to save as many as possible and to provide shelter and food for the survivors.


The Lutheran World Federation Global Humanitarian services is working together with the local partner, CARITAS Syria on the ground. As we are part of the LWF Communion, we will be sending whatever financial aid we could raise through the LWF.


To this end, I would like to appeal to all congregations to have a Second Offering during one of your Sunday worship services towards the rescue work in the Turkey-Syria earthquake. The deadline for the collection of the second offering would be 25th March 2023. On the day when the Second offering is collected, do spend some time to pray together for the survivors of this tragic earthquake and the rebuilding of lives.


Kindly bank into LCM Maybank account number: 014169325999 and email payment details with clear indication of payer's information to or whatsapp to +6011-10831561.


Thanking you for your prayerful thoughts for the needy and the partnership together in the gospel.


In the Lord's ministry,


Rt. Rev. Thomas Low

Bishop, LCM









我们都知道于二月六日凌晨发生在土耳其-叙利亚的严重地震,截至今天的报告死亡人数 已超过28,000人,而且预计会变得更糟。由于各种救援组织仍在努力进行拯救的工作并



世界信义宗的全球人道服务部门与当地的伙伴-CARITAS 叙利亚合作进行救援工作;我们 既然是世界信义宗的一份子,将尽力把筹得的款项透过世界信义宗作支援。


因此我呼吁各堂会选择在任何的主日为土耳其-叙利亚地震救灾工作收取第二个奉献, 此奉献将于2023年3月25日截止。请在收取第二奉献时一起为地震的幸存者以及重建 生活祷告。


请将款项汇入马来西亚信义会 MAYBANK 户口账号 014169325999,并将注明付款项目












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