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In 1980, Dr Bill established Metro World Child in one of New York’s roughest communities with a reputation of being attacked with gang violence, drugs, and poverty. Despite being beaten, shot, and stabbed, he persevered all in view of not giving up on those children who grew up in such harsh environments.


 Today, he leads a team of about 200 leaders and workers that reaches out to over 160,000 children weekly worldwide including countries such as Kenya, the Philippines, India, Romania, South Africa, Indonesia, and Haiti. Dr Bill has authored several books on leadership including international best seller, “Whose Child is this?” which has been translated to over 30 different languages.


 He graduated with a PhD from the University of Wales, UK, with his dissertation, titled, “The Art of Persuasion: Evangelical Persuasion of Wesley, Edwards and Whitefield 1734 - 1745.”


This course is not for the faint hearted. It focuses on the development of serious leaders who want to advance their leadership skills based on the Word of God. Dr. Bill is a firm believer that what happens in a leader is more important than what happens to him or her. A leader is not born in a day, but in fire, tried in the battle and proven in the tests of life.


The sessions will include:

• The qualities of a leader with purpose

• Standing up for what you believe in

• Commitment vs emotion

• Overcoming trials, heartache, and adversities

• Prevailing over the fear of the unknown

• Motivated by a higher law – the law of love.





该区出名于袭击暴力,毒品和贫穷。 尽管遭到殴打,枪击和刺伤,




他毕业于英国威尔士大学,获得博士学位,其论文题为“劝说的艺术:卫斯理,爱德华兹和怀特菲尔德的福音说服派 1734 - 1745”。


这个课程不适于胆小的人。 它着重于发展那些想要根据神的话语来提高领导能力的严肃的领导者。比尔博士坚信,在领导者生中所发生的事情比发生在他身上的事情更重要。



• 有目标的领导者的素质

• 为你所信服的站起来

• 委身vs情感

• 克服考验,心碎和逆境

• 盛行于对未知的恐惧

• 受到更高法律的激励 - 爱的法则




- Free for all LCM Pastors and spouse

- Refreshments, Lunch & Tea Break


Closing date: 4 July 2018

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