Human Beings: Not for Sale!
Recently, I read a news article reported by Al Jazeera dated 28th March 2017 that the selling price of a baby in our country ranges from RM3,500 to RM6,700. This is not new but something that has been going on for a long time.
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ALIC 2017 – Re-Visioning Reformation in Asia
Initiated by the Association of Asians and Pacific Islanders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (AAPI-ELCA) since 1997, ALIC is a bi-annual conference that gathers delegates from Asia and even other continents of the world to come together to engage in theological and ministerial
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Churches of the FELCMS: Gereja Protestant di Sabah
Gereja Protestant di Sabah atau The Protestant Church in Sabah (PCS) adalah sebuah pelayanan yang dimulakan oleh para missionari Basel Mission sejak tahun 1950an. Masyarakat Momogun terutamanya masa tersebut masih lagi terikat dengan pegangan animisme dan kepercayaan nenek moyang.
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Pope ‘grateful to God’ for Vatican conferenceon Martin Luther Pope Francis on Friday greeted participants in a conference promoted by the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences, entitled “Luther: 500 Years Later: Find out More EASTER TRADITIONS
Just like Christmas, many traditions have sprung up around the celebration of Easter. While we, in this part of the world, may not be used to some of these traditions, one or two may still be familiar to us, particularly due to the efforts of shopping malls...
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Prostitutes ?
Pony-tailed, Samson* walked into a Klang Valley street church with two very prominent bumps on his chest. Although in his 50s, Samson'’s skin was almost wrinkle-free, and admirably smooth, smoother than most women his age. He'’s obviously on hormones for a long time. He asked us for a job; he was finally fed up ofhis transgender prostitutionfor cash. "
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New Partnership Agreement Signed
The Lutheran Church in Malaysia signed a partnership agreement with the Southeastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on 28 May 2016. This was a milestone in the relationship between the ELCA and the LCM which reaches back to the founding years of the LCM in the 1950s.
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Statement on Protecting Street Children
The Council of Churches of Malaysia wishes to congratulate the Police for busting a human trafficking syndicate and rescued 21 victims, including 13 children, who were forced to beg at busy public areas in the city of Kuala Lumpur ( the Sun, 7th February, 2017 p.3)
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LEAD Centre, Mont Kiara
In 2011, LCM received the approval of the Malaysian Government for the use of a 34,000 sf of land in Mont Kiara to build a church. This upmarket residential cum commercial hub offers good potentials for church planting. The area is densely populated with more than 30 blocks of high-end condominiums housing more th
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Lutheran Mission Bungalow
Built in 1959 with the intention to provide a place for Christians to rest and relax, the Lutheran Mission Bungalow has been a refuge of peace and tranquility for nearly 60 years. Sitting on a quiet hilltop, it is an ideal refreshment spot for families and small groups. Today, the original structure is retained with an annex built to provide additional accommodation.
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Bishop's Ministry
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LCM 2017 Events Calendar
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